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School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination is regarded as the ‘Iron Gate’ for every students in Nepal. With completion of SLC, it promises new hopes and aspirations for both students and their families regarding their futures. A small error/carelessness during the process of checking answer sheets can prove fatal for students. Roji Lama and Sangam Bishwokarma represent a situation where Right to Information has helped ensure justice and subsequently secured their future. Both Lama and Bishwokarma had a proven track record in their academic performance. However, when their SLC mark sheet came in, both were utterly disappointed to know that they were given below average marks in mathematics. They both scored distinction marks in all other subjects hence they were not willing to content with their marks in this particular subject. As a result, they were unable to apply for scholarships for their higher education. They both filed application requesting for re-totaling their marks only to be again disappointed with the outcome. Hence, they used their right to information requesting to see a copy of their answer sheet. Their applications were approved and they were offered to see a copy of their answer sheet. Office of Controller of Examinations acknowledged their error and thus issued new mark sheets to them. Roji Lama had scored 98 and Sangam Bishwokarma had scored 97 originally.